Business Continuity Options for Oracle Technology Solutions

Zoran Jovanović


One of the most important aspects which information technology de-ployments must fulfill are business continuity requirements. In a highly competitive market, business users of information technology are aware that even a slight downtime of their application will result in financial loss and even some potential customers. A second reason is that the informa-tion stored in their databases is very important for running their business so they cannot afford to lose it due to some unexpected hardware failure or a disaster. The Oracle Corporation, as one of the biggest providers of information technology solutions, offers various options that can address business continuity requirements ranging from high availability up to disaster recovery. In our article we will describe various technological solutions offered by Oracle to address even the most complex business continui-ty requirements. This will include clustering technologies, standby data-bases and site guard among others. Of course, those solutions are rather expensive so business users must be realistic in defining their business continuity requirements to avoid overspending for their implementation.


business continuity, high availability, clustering technologies, server clus-ters, disaster recovery

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